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  • Layer Slayer 2.0 Workshop ($994 Total)
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Layer Slayer 2.0 Workshop ($994 Total)

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This is for the LIVE group in person Layer Slayer 2.0 Workshop!

YES, you read that right, it’s Layer Slayer 2.0 😈 cause I updated that shit for the layering, shaping, mapping, procreatin’, mega texturizing, branding & marketing queen of the world you are!!!! 👽

It’s the hybrid class I’ve been wanting to put out there & it’s finally here 😭🙌

Before class- you will receive access to The Branding Blueprint, which is my online course on building your personal brand and marketing the shit outta yourself.

✨In class, this give us more time for fanning practice and Q&A.

After class- you’ll receive access to the online version of Layer Slayer Workshop, you’ll never forget your shit!! 

I am SUPER excited to be finally offering my favorite workshop this way 😆& I can’t effing wait to meet you!! 

In this workshop you will learn..

-The Branding Blueprint Online Course

-Layer Slayer Online Workshop


-Lashing In Layers

-Fan Making

  -finger roll/pinch

  -fan on strip

  -unfans (peaks/spikes)

  -premade fans

-Eye shapes

-Basic Mapping 

-Creative Mapping 


  -Length Hack

  -Soft Texture

  -Structured Texture

  -Doll Texture

  -Texture Fills


Included in this workshop

-12 Map Worksheets



-15% off lash products for LIFE



Can't wait to see you there! 


Included in Kit

-1 Set of Exclusive Layer Slayer MegaVolume Tweezers

-1 Large Mirror

-2 Mix Trays, .03 & .06

-1 Mix Premade Tray  

-1 5ml LashBomb Glue

-1 Promade Tray




If in the event Arizona is shut down OR you are not able to travel due to Covid restrictions, you will be allowed to

-transfer your deposit to another live class date (includes private courses)


-transfer your deposit to our online course, in which case we will ship your kit to you and you can join our next online session.


*Deposits are transferrable and non-refundable.



  • $497 deposit, remainder due 7 days prior to class.
  • If you'd like to pay in full, please place the deposit and the final payment in your shopping cart.
  • Deposit transferrable but non-refundable.