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Layer Slayer Online Workshop $497


I love MegaVolume and I LOVE lashes! But, what I love more than just lashing, is the art of shaping and creating different looks and textures. Once I started to figure out how to create the unique looks that my clients were asking for, 3 things happened..


1- I became more in demand

2- I was able to charge more, which meant I made more money 

(for more on making more money and raising your prices, please visit my freebie section and register for my FREE training "Raise Your Damn Prices"

3- I became a more valuable and well rounded educator! 


The Layer Slayer Workshop is a program that I have developed over many years of teaching MegaVolume and lashing my own clientele. I took out the 'fluff' and only included the meat. And I get very honest about my own personal experience of how I grew my instagram and was able to make a name for myself in the lash industry. And, I believe with my whole heart that you can do the same!


This class is all online and is available forever! You can learn at your own pace!


You will receive login information within 48 hours of signing up!


In this workshop you will learn..



-Lashing In Layers

-Fan Making

-finger roll/pinch

-fan on strip

-unfans (peaks/spikes)

-premade fans

-Eye shapes

-Basic Mapping

-Creative Mapping


-Length Hack

-Soft Texture

-Structured Texture

-Doll Texture

-Texture Fills


Included in this Online Workshop


-Instagram for Business Ebook

-12 Downloadable Map Worksheets



Can't wait to see you in there!




Contents of Full Kit:

-1 Set of Exclusive Layer Slayer MegaVolume Tweezers

-1 Large Layer Slayer Mirror

-2 Mix Trays, .03 & .06

-1 Mix Premade Tray

-1 5ml LashBomb Glue

-50 cute mascara wands

-1 Promade Tray

-Mapping Cards

-1 Personalized Certificate


Contents of Tweezer/Mirror Kit:

-Set of Layer Slayer Twezers (Exclusive)

-Layer Slayer Mirror (exclusive)