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Specially created for the layering, shaping, mapping, strip lash lookin', procreatin’, branding & marketing queen of the world you are.

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Slay the layer game From Home

Same Layer Slayer

Taught on Zoom Live

Learn from home

I Will Teach You To..

-set yourself apart with your branding

-market yourself to your correct audience

-gain and RETAIN quality clients

-set yourself up to be a better educator

-find your niche and style in this big beautiful lash industry

-and of course, we’ll be learning strip lash techniques til the cows come home

We will cover.....

✅ Branding

✅ Marketing

✅ Lashing in Layers

✅ Fan Making

✅ Finger Roll/Pinch

✅ Fan on Strip

✅ Unfans (Peaks/Spikes)

✅ Premade Fans

✅ Eye Shapes

✅ Basic Mapping

✅ Creative Mapping

✅ Density

✅ Length Hack

✅ Soft Strip Lash Look

✅ Structured Strip Lash

✅ Doll Strip Lash

✅Wet Lash Look

✅ How to handle fills on advanced sets


🏆 Certificate

🎁 10% Off Lash Products for LIFE

+ Set of exclusive Layer Slayer megavolume tweezers

+ Large exclusive Layer Slayer mirror

+ 2 mixed trays: .03 & .06

+ 1 mix premade spikes tray

+ 5 ml Lashbomb adhesive

+ 50 cute mascara wands

+ 1 empty promade tray

+ Manual

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What Our Students say...

Very detailed and thorough! Can't wait to start getting more creative with my sets! Thank you for sharing Ali, you're amazing!


Add customer reviews and testimonials to showcase your store’s happy customers.

Author's name

Add customer reviews and testimonials to showcase your store’s happy customers.

Author's name

❤️‍🔥 What To Expect After You Buy

You will get a few emails including your next steps, your Livestream event confirmation, your access to the Branding Blueprint Course & your Layer Slayer Kit will be sent out.

❤️‍🔥 The Day Of The Livestream

Leading up to the Live, you will get several emails with links to the event as well as some tips for best practices. A few other things you gain access to on the day of the Livestream include:

- Online Layer Slayer (lifetime enrollment)
- Your certificate mailed out!

Livestream Dates

11am - 1pm Each Day
November 16 & 17
December 14 & 15

BONUS: The Branding Blueprint


Do I have to take this course in person?

No! This version is done live through Zoom.

Do I need a model?

No model necessary! But you are welcome to send in videos or photos of your model work to have Ali critique it.

Does this class come with a kit?

Yes, the kit comes with everything you need for class.

Do I need prior lash experience?

Yes, you should have at least SOME volume experience. Doesn't have to be much though 😜

How long is class?

Class is 3 hours a day, for 2 days.

How long do I have access to the Branding Blueprint?


Ready for some mega texture skills?