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Layer Slayer Online & at your own pace

The Layer Slayer Workshop is a program that I have developed over many years of teaching MegaVolume and lashing my own clientele. I took out the 'fluff' and only included the meat. And I get very honest about my own personal experience of how I grew my instagram and was able to make a name for myself in the lash industry. And, I believe with my whole heart that you can do the same!

I love MegaVolume and I LOVE lashes! But, what I love more than just lashing, is the art of shaping and creating different looks and textures. Once I started to figure out how to create the unique looks that my clients were asking for, 3 things happened..


The class that changed the game for me.

What You Will Learn

✔️ Layer Slayer Online Workshop

✔️ Marketing

✔️ Lashing in Layers

✔️ Fan Making

✔️ Finger Roll/Pinch

✔️ Fan on Strip

✔️ Unfans (Peaks/Spikes)

✔️ Premade Fans

✔️ Eye Shapes

✔️ Basic Mapping

✔️ Creative Mapping

✔️ Density

✔️ Length Hack

✔️ Soft Texture

✔️ Structured Texture

✔️ Doll Texture

✔️ Texture Fills

This Course Includes:

📒 12 Map Worksheets

🏆 Certificate

🎁 10% Off Lash Products for LIFE

📦 Kit:

+ Set of exclusive Layer Slayer megavolume tweezers

+ Large Layer Slayer mirror

+ 2 mixed trays: .03 & .06

+ 1 mix remade tray

+ 5 ml Lashbomb adhesive

+ 50 cute mascara wands

+ 1 empty promade tray

+ Mapping cards

➡️ If you don't want the kit, you have two options:

1. Just the course, your own tools of choice + a certificate of completion


2. The course, a set of Layer Slayer Megavolume Tweezers, Layer Slayer Mirror, and a cerficiate of completion

Is this class fully online?
Yes it is! If you would prefer to take in in person, we offer an in-person version of Layer Slayer
How long do I have access?
You have access forever!
Do I learn the same things as the in person course?
Yes! Aside from gaining access to the branding blueprint.
Do I need prior lash experience?
Yes! You should have at least volume experience. This is not to be confused with a mega volume course. This is for mapping, layering, and some fan making. If you want to take a mega volume course, we have one called All Things Mega!
Do I have to purchase the kit?
No you don't! We understand you may just be trying to brush up on your lash skills. We outlined a few options above.

Ready To take your lash layering to the next level?