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Layer Slayer Worldwide $977 USD



--> A local salon will host a group of you

--> Ali will teach you the full Layer Slayer workshop live over zoom

--> Your kit will be mailed to you beforehand

--> The host will be there to assist you while you are fan making


This is for the LIVE group in person Layer Slayer 2.0 Workshop!

YES, you read that right, it’s Layer Slayer 2.0 😈 cause I updated that shit for the layering, shaping, mapping, procreatin’, mega texturizing, branding & marketing queen of the world you are!!!! 👽

It’s the hybrid class I’ve been wanting to put out there & it’s finally here 😭🙌

Before class- you will receive access to The Branding Blueprint, which is my online course on building your personal brand and marketing the shit outta yourself.

✨In class, this give us more time for fanning practice and Q&A.

After class- you’ll receive access to the online version of Layer Slayer Workshop, you’ll never forget your shit!! 

I am SUPER excited to be finally offering my favorite workshop this way 😆& I can’t effing wait to meet you!! 

In this workshop you will learn..

-The Branding Blueprint Online Course

-Layer Slayer Online Workshop


-Lashing In Layers

-Fan Making

  -finger roll/pinch

  -fan on strip

  -unfans (peaks/spikes)

  -premade fans

-Eye shapes

-Basic Mapping 

-Creative Mapping 


  -Length Hack

  -Soft Texture

  -Structured Texture

  -Doll Texture

  -Texture Fills


Included in this workshop

-12 Map Worksheets



-15% off lash products for LIFE



Can't wait to see you there! 


Included in Kit

-1 Set of Exclusive Layer Slayer MegaVolume Tweezers

-1 Large Mirror

-2 Mix Trays, .03 & .06

-1 Mix Premade Tray  

-1 5ml LashBomb Glue

-1 Promade Tray




If in the event of COVID-19 restrictions, you will be allowed to


-transfer your deposit to our online course, in which case we will ship your kit to you and you can join our next online session.


*Deposits are transferrable and non-refundable.



  • $497 deposit, remainder due 7 days prior to class.
  • If you'd like to pay in full, please place the deposit and the final payment in your shopping cart.
  • Deposit transferrable but non-refundable.